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Q.   Where is Leaser Lake, when was it built and by whom?

A.   Leaser Lake is located in Lynn Township in the northwestern corner of Lehigh County.  It was built by
the  PA Fish Commission for water-oriented recreation and opened for public use in 1971.  Federal and
State funds were used to obtain the land for the lake and to construct the dam.  

Q.   How large is the lake and how much shoreline does it have?

A.   When full, Leaser Lake covered 117 acres and had 4.6 miles of shoreline.  In 1999, the lake’s water level was
lowered by 20 feet to minimize the risk of a dam failure. The lake has been reduced to 52 acres with 3 miles
of shoreline.

Q.   What’s wrong with the dam and how will it be fixed?

A.   Shortly after the lake was filled in 1971, seepage through the earthen dam was observed.  Erosion from this
continuous seepage has created voids in the dam has undermined the spillway.  

Q.   Why wasn’t the dam repaired correctly in 1991?

A.   In 1991, concerns over seepage through the earthen dam prompted the PFBC to drain the lake for repairs.
Unfortunately, those repairs were insufficient and in 1999 the lake’s water level was lowered by 20 feet to
minimize the risk of a dam failure.  In 2001, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission had a private
engineering firm prepare a forensic engineering report to determine the extent of the damage to the dam.
That report will be used in preparing a new Dam Restoration plan.

Q.   How much will it cost to repair the dam?

A.   The current cost estimate to repair the Leaser Lake Dam by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is
approximately 5.6 million dollars.

Q.   Who will shoulder the cost?

A.    Funding is currently being sought from both Lehigh County and the State of Pennsylvania.

Q.   Will the lake have to be drained in order to repair the dam?

A.   Yes, the lake will have to be drained.

Q.   What will happen to the fish that are currently in the lake?

A.   As many fish as possible will be taken from the lake and relocated into local waterways.

Q.   What facilities and / or activities are available at Leaser Lake.

A.   The lake provides fishing from boats or shore. Sail boats to 17-feet and small electric motors are permitted in
the lake. Swimming and bathing are prohibited.  Two separate boat ramps with parking lots and a third
parking area provide access to the lake for boaters and the general public at no fee.  Picnic facilities are
located adjacent to each of the parking lots.  Leaser Lake is the only public Lake within Lehigh County.  The
lake and adjacent State and County owned land covers approximately 536 acres.  This facility is opened daily
to the public from 5 am to 10 pm.

Q.   What is the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation and what are their goals?

A.   In January of 2006, the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation was formed as a 501C3. non-profit foundation to
serve as a catalyst in the restoration of Leaser Lake.  The goals of the foundation include:

- Collect funds from public and private sources to repair the dam.          
- Restore wetlands and fish habitat around the lake's shoreline.  
- Repair existing facilities including restrooms, boat ramps and picnic areas.  
- Develop new recreation opportunities at the lake such as hiking trails.  
- Protect Open Space around the lake and preserve existing farmlands.

Q.   What other organizations support the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation?

A.   The Leaser Lake Foundation is currently working to develop working relationships with a variety of
Environmental and Recreational Organizations.  Some of the groups which have expressed their support to
the restoration of Leaser Lake include:

Wildlands Conservancy                                                  Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club
Wildlife Information Center                                             Heidleberg Game Protective Assoc.
Lehigh County Dept of Parks and Recreation                Lehigh Co. Fish / Game Protective Assoc.
Windward Sailing Club                                                    Trout Unlimited
Lehigh Valley Fed. of Sportsmen’s Clubs                        Muskies, Inc.
Federated Sportsmen's Clubs of Berks County              Grouse Hall Fish & Game Association
Lehigh County Conservation District

Q.   How can I join the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation or make a donation?

A.   The Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Lynn
Township Municipal Building.  The Foundation’s website can be found at: www.leaserlakeheritage.org.  While
on the website, the public can download membership applications, view maps and photos, and get caught up
on the latest news from Leaser Lake.  Membership in the Foundation is $15 per year for adults and $5 per
year for students.  

Donations can be mailed to the Foundation at:

  Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation, Inc.
                   P.O. Box 202
                   New Tripoli, PA  18066
Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation, Inc.