Accessible Recreation at Leaser Lake
The Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation (LLHF), in
cooperation with the Lehigh County Bureau of
Parks & Recreation, is pleased to announce the
planning of the Leaser Lake Accessible
Recreation Area.  Located in northwestern
Lehigh County, Leaser Lake is a 117 acre lake
surrounded by 530 acres of parkland.  Ideas are
currently being developed to build an Accessible
Recreation Area at the western access to the
lake.  Proposed facilities may include an
accessible canoe/kayak launch, fishing dock,
picnic area, trail and restrooms.  

To facilitate the planning of this project, the LLHF
has retained the services of the Landscape
Architectural firm, Yost Strodoski Mears (YSM).  
YSM has a wealth of experience in Park and
Recreation Planning and is working with us to
make this facility a success.  

Below are a series of links to sites of interest:
- Yost Strodoski Mears (YSM)
- EZ Launch™ – Kayak and Canoe Station:
- CXT Concrete Buildings
- Fishing Has No Boundaries
Let's Imagine the Possibilities Together!
Click here to see our brochure for the
Accessible Recreation Area